MOTS-O-Ween 2017: Halloween III: Season of the Witch


For this year's MOTS-O-Ween finale we take a look at "Halloween III: Season of the Witch," the left-turn sequel that inspired this year's theme. Michael Myers sat this one out, and instead we’re given a candy bag full of robot assassins in business suits, Stonehenge core processors, masks to die for, medical mustaches, catchy jingles and a joke on the children.

Happy Halloween!

Syntax Error: The Neuroscience of Fear


SE caps off with the traditional seasonal salute to horror, this year framed via an article that melds aspects of neuroscience with survival horror design.                                                          read at:

Neophytes of Narratology: The Mechanics of Sex & Violence

The Neophytes tread upon the topic of slasher films and their depiction of sexual and violent situations/characters as framed by a recent study on the matter.
Read at: