Syntax Error: Bioshock & Philosophy

Syntax Error's obligatory Bioshock-centric episode for this season focuses on a handful of essays from a series of philosophical explorations on pop-culture properties. 

Featured title: 
Bioshock and Philosophy: Irrational Game, Rational Book
by Luke Cuddy (EDT)

Framed around the following articles contained therein:

BioShock's Meta-Narrative: What BioShock Teaches the Gamer about Gaming by Collin Pointon

BioShock as Plato's Cave by Roger Travis

Propaganda, Lies, and Bullshit in BioShock's Rapture by Rachel McKinnon

Infinite Lighthouses, Infinite Stories: BioShock and the Aesthetics of Video Game Storytelling by László Kajtár

Scott Thurlow

As far beyond monsters as they are beyond you.