A Brief History of the End of Days 11: Gothic Horror

In the penultimate episode of A Brief History of the End of Days, The Lost Signals crew discusses vampires, werewolves and why they are not particularly apocalyptic.

Special Guest:
Beth Morgan

Referenced Works:
An American Werewolf in London, An American Werewolf in Paris,  Battlefield: Earth, Blade(series), Buffy the Vampire Hunter(series), Daybreakers, Dr, Zhivago,  Dracula, Fearless Vampire Hunters, The Howling, The Hunger, I Am Legend, In the Company of Wolves, The Last Man on Earth, Little Red Riding Hood, Omega Man, The Path(VG), Penny Dreadful, Salem's Lot, The Strain, 30 Days of Night, True Blood,  Twilight, Underworld, Vampire Hunter D, Warm Bodies, The Witcher(VG series)