Bon MOTS: Interview with Independent Filmmaker, Ben Rider

Last week we had a delightful Skype chat with Ben Rider, writer and director of the forthcoming film, Seven Devils. We spoke about a variety of topics, not least of which were his process and inspirations for the film, some of his favorite movies, and how he stays motivated to keep working on his art. Now you too can bask in the glory of Ben's charming accent and keen cinematic insights.

Ben can be found at:
@benrider on Twitter

Check out the following film festivals that Ben judges:
And Ben's own, The Monkey Bread Tree Film Festival:

Additional Note: We caught a consistent little pop throughout this recording somewhere in the line. I don't think it's too distracting, but don't attempt to adjust your speakers or book an appointment with your Otolaryngologist, that's just in there.