The original MOTS Scale: 

The initial hook-Does the work have an arresting introduction? (Y=1/N=0)
Was the work tonally consistent throughout? (Y=1/N=0)
Was the work effective within its genre, addressing its themes etc. well? (Y=1/N=0)
Did the work achieve its goal(s) by its end? (Y=1/N=0)
Was the antagonist effective/appropriate/memorable? (Y=1/N=0)
Were the main character(s) effective/appropriate/memorable? (Y=1/N=0)
Was the supporting cast effective/appropriate/memorable? (Y=1/N=0)
Was the dialogue effective/appropriate/memorable? (Y=1/N=0)
Did the work maintain an acceptable level of immersion? (Y=1/N=0)
Overall, was the work enjoyable, is it recommended? (Y=1/N=0)

Current MOTS Scale