MOTS - The Manczur-Ormosi-Thurlow Scale of quantitative analysis of pop culture narrative through a binary system.

These are the 10 questions that comprise MOTS system. All answers are based on a (subjective) 1/0, Yes/No scale. Throughout the podcasts we expound upon each of our answers, but the entire exercise could theoretically be done through 1/0 responses only:

The below is the most recent iteration, earlier casts use a slightly different variation. 


  1. Effectiveness/impression of the initial introduction/opening to the work
  2. Effectiveness/impression of the overall body of the work up to the conclusion
  3. Effectiveness/impression of the conclusion of the work
    (As of late 2017 we have combined the above three items into a conglomerate, giving out a score of 0 to 3 for the overall plot structure of a work) 
  4. Themes contained and addressed in the work 
  5. Strength and use of antagonist/s in the work
  6. Strength and use of protagonist/s in the work
  7. Strength and use of secondary/supporting cast in the work
  8. Strength and use of dialogue in the work
  9. The style of the work as related to its specific medium
  10. Overall recommendation and final impression of the work


We encourage listeners to use MOTS themselves when analyzing and reviewing their own narrative experiences.