On the Horn:
Mike Jamieson on Music

Mike Jamieson is a talented musician who has been playing locally for years. In Part 1 of this two part interview, Mike talks about how he got his start, pop music from his formative years, some of his favorite gigs, and much more. 

In Part 2 of my interview with Mike, we talk about (among other things) finding a balance while playing in restaurants, using sheet music at live shows, the evolution of large scale concerts, and Mike's favorite songs to play.

Mike Jamieson was born in the bayous of Chicago near the Muddy Waters of Greg Lake. Early influences were food and the great desire to be loved by strangers. A legend at birth, Jamieson followed in the footsteps of such artists as Fat Eddie Jenkins, Bertha Van Nation, DJ Jazzy Irv, and the immortal Rosco Tongue.
Soon the legend spread throughout the plains and steppes, the valleys and buttes, the swamp lands and the reclaimed lands from California to the gulf-stream waters. By the age of fifty-nine, Jamieson had already written or co-written three songs and was improving on the works of lesser-talented but better known artists all the time.
His rendition of “Your mother looks drunk to me” has been heard by several people and has garnered praise from none.
His live shows have been called “A virtual Tour de France”, “Lots of grunting and sweating, but in the end it’s all really just about the drugs”
The New York Times says “Stop contacting us, we will not review your shows”
Jamieson is currently working on his fourth song and will release a greatest hit album in the fall.

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- You can also check out Citizens Band Radio at their website and on Facebook
- The other band Mike mentioned, Mother Nature's Child, can be found on Facebook as well.
- I'll See You In My Dreams by Joe Brown on ukulele at The Concert for George.
- This is the Bowie mashup of Space Oddity covers I mention, I said it was all ukuleles, I was wrong, but this is even better.