REVIEW: The Goddamned Vol. 1: Before the Flood by Jason Aaron and r.m. Guera

The Goddamned, Vol. 1: Before the FloodThe Goddamned, Vol. 1: Before the Flood by Jason Aaron
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I've read a quote by Jason Aaron to the effect that he became more interested in religion after he lost his faith. I've never been an incredibly faithful (insofar as religions go) person, but I can relate -- after four years of Catholic school, I found the stories of the bible and other holy books fascinating, if not convincing. The Goddamned is the story of Cain after he killed his brother Abel and became the world's first murderer.

By 1600 years after his fateful fratricide, Cain has become the undying spirit of apathy. He roams the land, lazily looking for someone who can actually kill him... and he's got a lead. The story is high on action and low on sympathy. A well written, Conan the Barbarian-style romp though the wasteland that his unforgivable act has wrought. Meanwhile, Noah is putting together his own band of merry men to prepare for the coming flood. Prepare for mass violence where these two meet.

r.m. Guera's art is gorgeous as he pairs again with Aaron on this book. The team from Scalped is back together and seems to be firing on all cylinders. The ultra-violence is dialed up to 11 here and there is no flinching from graphic portrayals of the script, but Guera also manages to reveal character moments deftly in the small moments between brutal decapitations and evisceration.

If you can get past the insane amounts of blood-and-guts and the blatant blasphemy (which I definitely can), The Goddamned is a fun, "literal" interpretation of the Bible and worth a read.

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