A Skip Week's Musings

There is no review this week. I have failed to read a new book. Woe is me. And you, I guess. I've got a couple of leads on new books I'd love to review and I'll have one of them for you next week. In the meantime, all I can say is I'm sorry to have let you down.

Outside of comic reviewing, I've been writing a short comic story of my own. I just got some roughs in from my artist and they're awesome. I'm really excited for this, but still not sure what, if anything, I'm "allowed" to say about it. It's not like I'm under a strict contract, but better safe than sorry and I don't want to blow up anyone's big reveal plans.

In somewhat related matters of research, I've been doing some pondering about VR lately and I think it's going to become a sticky web. After trying it out several times, I can attest to how enthralling the experience can be. I've seen people try to lean on a desk that isn't there. A technology that immersive is going to affect the way its users see reality in a more concrete sense than anything that has come before. A strange proposition, to be certain.

And here we are sitting on the shore, watching the storm roll in.

Anyway, happy Valentine's Day. I love the idea of you all.