REVIEW: Descender vol. 3: Singularities by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen

Descender, Volume Three: SingularitiesDescender, Volume Three: Singularities by Jeff Lemire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Descender vol. 3 delves further into the supporting characters in the continuing adventures of Tim-21 -- our robot child protagonist, who was left behind in the wake of a seemingly robot initiated, near-apocalypse event. If you want the full experience, you've gotta read the first two volumes. If you like space opera-y sci-fi and beautiful watercolor art, you won't be disappointed.

This book fleshes out the stories of Tim-22, Telsa, Bandit, the history of Andy and Effie (or Queen Between), and my personal favorite, Driller, who is a driller-bot picked up from the same moon that Tim-21 had been assigned to. He's a real killer. Each of the stories builds the emotional connections Lemire has been cultivating with these characters and shows both the light and dark elements of their personalities.

Nguyen's watercolors are phenomenal as they have been all along, and are one of my favorite parts of this book, along with one of the best selling points when I beg people to read it. The page evokes the texture of the paints, and I've found myself, more than once, running my finger across some of these pictures and being disappointed I'm feeling a smooth comic page instead of dried watercolor paint.

Overall, this is another strong entry in the Descender series, but go in expecting character development rather than plot progression and you won't be disappointed.

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