REVIEW: Pretty Deadly vol. 1: The Shrike by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios

Pretty Deadly, Vol. 1: The ShrikePretty Deadly, Vol. 1: The Shrike by Kelly Sue DeConnick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pretty Deadly vol. 1: The Shrike was a pleasure to read, in the sense that it was an incredibly imaginative opening chapter to what seems an interesting story. This will absolutely not be for everyone, but for those interested, the plot of the first volume revolves around learning the origins of Death's daughter and her journey to find her place in the world.

The storytelling can be a little muddled at times, but there are flashes of brilliance to discover here. A spaghetti western style dark fairy tale, Pretty Deadly managed to pull off a style all its own. Sure we've seen similar stylistic entries from Neil Gaiman in The Sandman, or even Jonathan Hickman in the more recent East of West, but this book certainly has its own signature flair. I'm hoping that once it spreads its wings, Pretty Deadly will be able to manage some of the unforgettable moments that have made books it takes cues from so popular.

On top of all that, the art is absolutely phenomenal and for that I bumped this from a three star review to a four. If you enjoy a good dark fable, you'll probably find a decent read here, however, at this point, I'd still recommend DeConnick's Bitch Planet over Pretty Deadly if you want to see the author at the top of her game. I'm hoping that volume two expands from the promising first arc with a bit more clarity and a lot more of the beautiful imagery and creativity that shines through in volume one.

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